Munchies Food Tour

crazy dressed eggs, fries with mayonnaise make up the Munchies Food Tour

What is a Munchies Food Tour of Amsterdam?

Munchies Food Tour is an innovative new company who offer to let you eat your way through the “High Streets” of Amsterdam. For three hours, customers can sign up for the tour and enjoy lots of delicious food, drinks and of course, a trip to one of the best Coffeeshops. They promise to keep you “eat-tertained” at the same time as taking great care of you and offering some inside tips on other places to eat and smoke.

Indulge in Amsterdam

The Munchies Food Tour is available to both public and private groups. Owned by two lovely ladies. They have carefully selected the best local and international dishes, Amsterdam has to offer. Each dish or cuisine on the menu has been carefully selected because of its connection or story to the city.

  • 10 Food Tastings
  • 7 Food Stops
  • 1 Coffee Breaks
  • 1 Coffeeshop Visit

It‘s not a coffeeshop tour, it’s a food tour

Tours take place Wednesday – Saturday. In true Amsterdam style, each tour will begin at 420. During the tour, you’ll get to experience ten different types of food or treats. Fully satisfying all your salt, fat and sugar requirements. They’ll also be a break for coffee to wash it down with along with a visit to an Amsterdam Coffeeshop. While visiting the coffeeshop, using cannabis is totally down to yourself and is not a compulsory part of the trip. The tour also visits the Coffeeshop Information Center, for a cannabis lesson from the one and only THC Sommelier.

Groups of up to ten people are welcome. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this, they are not yet able to cater to a Vegan lifestyle. Vegetarians and Gluten-Free lovers are however more than welcome!

Sign up for online

If we have managed to tempt your taste buds and you fancy experiencing everything from fries to fish and cakes to croquettes. Then you can find the full details, as well as book your place online, over on their website:

View of the unique cannabis friendly Amsterdam Bar from Coffeeshopamsterdam

Coffeeshop Amsterdam Café

After you’ve munched your way across town, why not head over and say hello to us at the café. Relax with a cold beer and enjoy your favorite strain of cannabis. You can find full details right here on our website.