Clouds in the City Cannabis Cup 2018

Clouds in the City Cannabis Cup came to Amsterdam for the first time ever on October 12th. With the aim to provide an affordable, value for money event that was open to everyone. Implementing an unbiased, fair and transparent method of judging.

The café is home to the Clouds in the City Cannabis Cup

Clouds in the City aims to:

  • Bring the “Clouds Back to the City”
  • Provide an affordable, value for money event for everyone
  • Highlight Amsterdam’s unique cannabis culture
  • Implement Unbiased, Fair and transparent Judging
  • Give credit and recognition to breeders, growers and extractors
  • Listen to community feedback

Official Sponsors of Clouds in the City

The CoffeeshopAmsterdam Café proudly sponsored the first-ever Clouds in the City cup. Held here, in our beautiful city of Amsterdam. Judges had the chance to explore coffeeshops, seed banks, vape shops, chill bars and cafes. Wandering around through the amazing autumnal streets and canals, while finding their way between locations.

The category’s for judging were as follows:

  • Best Sativa
  • Best Indica
  • Best Traditional Hash
  • Best Extract Hash
  • Best Artisan Extract
  • Best Edible
  • Best Coffeeshop

Full details about the event and the winners for each category can be found on their website:

About the Cup

Public and VIP judges had themselves a fun packed weekend, with even the weather being on their side. On the whole, it was a really great event with many happy people flocking to our Café.

Our own winning entries

Public Vote – Flower

🥇CoffeeshopAmsterdam with Shoreline

VIP Vote – Iceolator Hash

🥇Tweede Kamer with Waterworks 75

Public Vote – Hash

🥈Tweede Kamer with Gorilla Banana Ice

🥉Tweede Kamer with Super Silver Magic Block

VIP Vote – Traditional Hash

🥉Tweede Kamer with Gorilla Banana Ice Block