High Society, the Cannabis Café

Cannabis Cafe is the most unique Coffeeshop in the world. For unlike every other coffeeshop in Holland, they offer a very special and personal experience. Here they personally invite adults of all ages and walks of life to join their “High Society”.

Episode 1 – Tue 03 Sep, 10.15pm (UK TIME).

High Society at the Cannabis Café

About the program

From the producers of the hit TV series, First Dates. Comes High Society, the Cannabis Cafe. Filmed on set inside our very own Coffeeshopamsterdam Cafe. The aim of the documentary is to test the theory that cannabis can help break down social barriers and bring about a more harmonious relationship between us humans.

Every member of the High Society, brings with them their own clear and heartfelt motivation for trying to get high. Many regular cannabis users probably already know that having a smoke or two can help you to relax in different ways. Which can often help to talk more openly with your partner or among your friends. After all, they do say that those who smoke together, stay together.

Clear, heartfelt motivation

The first of two episodes feature two rookie smokers who are curious about the pain-relieving properties of cannabis. While another couple is looking to address a big question hanging over their relationship. Filmed in a similar style to First Dates. High Society focuses on the story and emotions of real-life people.

Viewers may also recognise a few familiar faces in the documentary. Don from Coffeeshop Amsterdam, Babiche from Tweede Kamer Coffeeshop and Marlies from Boerejongens. All help to provide advice and support to this very special High Society.

Make sure you tune in for smiles, laughs and maybe even a few tears. Showing a positive yet realistic approach and respect to cannabis.

Channel 4: High Society, Cannabis Cafe

Find out more information over on the Channel 4 Website.

Here at the cafe, in connection with Amsterdam Genetics & Coffeeshop Amsterdam. We regularly hold cannabis education events. Head on over to our Smoke Sessions Amsterdam and Vape Night Amsterdam posts for further information.

Behind the scenes at the Cannabis Cafe

Coffeeshopamsterdam Café basement area transformed into the Cannabis Café for the filming of the two episodes. While upstairs our storage became home to their complete production department including all their studio equipment. Below you can see images from the documentary and some of the great people who participated.